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Shenzhen Trisvision Technology  is a worldwide business leader in reaching, manufacturing and distributing security video surveillance product from the moment we founded in 2004 in the innovative city  ShenZhen . 


In recent years, the company has maintained an annual growth of more than 30% of the rapid development of comprehensive strength of China's security market share of the leading position, and become the leading domestic security industry export enterprise. The company have successfully develop a marketing network in 80 countries all over the world.


We have over 40,000 ㎡ technical buidling ,about 300 staff , 10 developer and engineers the company have passed the ISO 9001-2015 certification and execute thee standards strictly. With the mission Be The Eye Watching On Your Safety Trivision have been  golden cooperator with XM Infotech over 10 years and Tuya Smart global strategic partner.  Welcome to join us and develop the market together sincerely.

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