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  • Harry Hollier2021/9/25 5:46:28

    Hi... I purchased a wireless cloud camera model:TV-TY6024H-2MP Power:DC 12V 1A APP: TUYA SMART.The "Quick operation manual that came with the camera is almost impossible to read (even with a magnifying glass) but very confusing. Can you email me the name of what program I should be using on my android phone to connect to the camera

  • Ron de Jonge2021/1/17 21:58:04

    How can I put my camera ( TV-TY618-XM-2MP ) to the factory settings ( reset )?I already connected the camera with the Tuya app on my phone and it works correctly. But I have a lot off devices working with the Smartlife App, so I also want to connect the camera with Smartlife,but the Smartlife app can not find the camera.Probably the camera needs a factory reset, but I dont no how to fix. Kind regards, Ron de Jonge

  • Arturo2020/4/6 10:37:33

    Hi, i am Arturo from México city, Can you send me your Roadmap of devices that work with Tuya Smart.Best

  • Ibrahim Ali2019/12/12 13:32:07

    I''m speaking on behalf of VisionX, New York about a potential partnership. Please reach out on my email to discuss further.

  • Brenno Cavalcante2019/10/18 10:28:50

    Hello I am a CCTV importer, I will be at CPSE 2019, will you exhibit at CPSE?Please send contact, would like to visit your factory.

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