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  • Product name Camera Screen Sync Controller Sensor 1/3" CMOS AK3918EV330L Lens 2mm 180° Suitable Screen Size 55~65inch Suitable LED strips 12V RGB 30Leds/m Interface Type A*2 Flash SPI Flash 8M Communication Protocol WiFi 2.4G Connection EZ Mode、AP Mode Reset Reset button Audio Input Mic*1 Indicator Led Green/Red Power Input DC 12V 2A Working Temperature -20~45℃ Led Strip Protocol 2801 Protocol

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  • Specifications
    color picker main control chip processor AK330L
    Image Sensor SC2335
    operating system Embedded LINUX operating system
    Mobile APP graffiti intelligence
    Image Sensor 1080P
    Image Coding Standard Smart H.265
    microphone support
    wireless network 802.11b/g/n
    transfer mode Smart P2P
    WIFI networking WiFi fast connection, AP addition
    Reset button support
    power supply DC 12V 2A
    Power consumption 15W
    Applicable screen 55-65 inches
    Operating temperature -20℃-+55℃
    Working humidity 10%-90%
    lens angle 180° panoramic lens
    light strip main control chip processor 2811
    Protocols and Color Drives WS2811, RGB
    color black
    lamp beads 30 lights/m
    width 10mm
    Pure strip length 70cm+120cm+70cm+120cm=380cm
    corner connector 15cm
    USB cable 80cm
    Total length of light strip 500cm


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